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A Sassy Misfit

A Sassy Misfit

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Flavours of the coffee

Bean Name: Stanmore Estate NaturalsEstate: Stanmore Estate

Varietal: Sln9, Sln795; Process: 72hrs Natural Process

Altitude: 1200-1375 MASL Roast Level: Medium

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Why A Sassy Misfit

With aromas of your favourite roasted nuts and flavours that take you back to those jam filled weekend breakfasts, this one does not fit into a box. This Stanmore Naturals coffee is the sassy kid that you know is going to be a misfit, and for all the right reasons.

Known for its gentle slopes, deep soil and bountiful rainfall, Stanmore Estate is located in the centre of the best growing zone of the Shevaroy Hills. It is shaded with a mixed canopy of native shola, Fig, Jackfruit, Jamun and Silver Oak trees.

The coffee growing areas lie between 4000 to 4300 feet above mean sea level and most of the coffee grown is Hawaii Red Catura, Catimor, BBTC, S9 and Chandragiri varieties of Arabica. The estate has also been intercropped with Durian, Jackfruit and Pepper.

What makes this estate special for A Sassy Misfit is the fact that the green beans were resting in the parchment layer for a year before they came our way to be roasted into this beautiful misfit of a Coffee.