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Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

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Varietal: Sln 795, Chandragiri; Processing: Washed

Altitude3445-4511 ft.; Roast Level: Medium

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Why Cold Brew Blend

With the smoothness of a cold brew and the ease of a cold brew, this coffee really is the winner! From our favourite coffee plantations in India, we've picked coffees that add a fruity sweetness to your favourite iced drinks! Just sit back (for 12-14 hours *winky face) and enjoy!

This coffee is made by blending two specifically curated Washed Coffees from Chikmagalur and Yercaud.

Beans sourced from Salawara Estate in Chikmagalur add to the classic flavour resemblance of the bold and nutty flavors we all expect from a cold brew while beans from the family of Estates of MSP Coffee add that depth & complex to each cup!