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Fuzzy Brain

Fuzzy Brain

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Flavours of the coffee

Bean Name: Jackfruit Fermentation; Estate: Orchardale Estate

Varietal: SL9, SL795, SL5B; Process: Natural Jackfruit Fermentation

Altitude: 4511-4921 ft.; Roast Level: Medium - Light

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Why Fuzzy Brain?

This Orchardale single origin makes for a complex cup! After hosting multiple cuppings from the comfort of our office couch, one thing was clear: the exact flavour note on this one is a moving target. So, we decided to enjoy it as is, before too many discussions about it gave us a Fuzzy Brain.

About The Estate

Orchardale Estate is the newest addition to MSP Coffee's group of properties. The bauxite soil is rich and deep, producing excellent coffee and oranges with huge potential for producing MSP's best coffee yet.