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Pause to Brew, Brew to Pause Sampler Box

Pause to Brew, Brew to Pause Sampler Box

Fuzzy Brain, Endless Summer

Brewing and drinking coffee can be a very personal thing. Each coffee in this sampler pack has a personal touch. A roaster's road trip across the estates and a coffee processed with special care by the planter, are what make this sampler pack unique.
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For 2 pack of 100g each

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Fuzzy Brain, Endless Summer


This Orchardale single origin makes for a complex cup! After hosting multiple cuppings from the comfort of our office couch, one thing was clear: the exact flavour note on this one is a moving target. So, we decided to enjoy it as is, before too many discussions about it gave us a Fuzzy Brain. Coffee takes you to places. “Where would you want your coffee to take you?” When asked this question, most people said The Beach. Challenge Accepted! Pour the freshness of a summer day on the beach into your favourite cup with this fruity single origin.


Fuzzy Brain: SL9, SL795, SL5B

Endless Summer: Chandragiri/Cauvery

Flavour Note

Fuzzy Brain: Nutty, Fruity, Earthy, Bitter, Acidic

Endless Summer: Sweet, Fruity, Floral, Acidic

Roast Level

Fuzzy Brain: Medium (Light) (2)

Endless Summer: Medium (Light) (3)

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