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Snap Out of It!

Snap Out of It!

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Bean Name: Riverside Red Honey Robusta

Estate: Riverside Estate, Coorg

Varietal: Robusta, Peredinia; Process: Sequential Red Honey

Altitude3144ft.; Roast LevelMedium 

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Why Snap Out of It!

Snap out of a rut (or two) with our very first 100% Specialty Robusta! Grab yourself a pack to see what versatile Indian Robustas are supposed to taste like!

Riverside Estate in Coorg has been producing one of the finest robustas in the country.

Located in Siddapur in the Kodagu or Coorg region at a height of 958 meters above sea level, Riverside Estate is run by Rishwin Devaya. A planter who is committed to produce some of the best coffees in India and a comforting stay at the estate.

P.S. they also have a cafe at the estate!