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Snooze-free Sampler Box

Snooze-free Sampler Box

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Go hit that snooze button or get into the morning routine? These coffees make that decision easier. Experiment to know & we'll have our roaster ready for more.
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Why Snooze-free Sampler Box

For the days you that you just need the coffee to wake you up, we have curated a sampler box for all you coffee lovers that need a cup, first thing in the morning.

Three 100gr packs of medium dark bags of coffee, perfect to have a snooze free morning.

Riverside Estate in Coorg has been producing one of the finest robustas in the country.

Located in Siddapur in the Kodagu or Coorg region at a height of 958 meters above sea level, Riverside Estate is run by Rishwin Devaya. A planter who is committed to produce some of the best coffees in India and a comforting stay at the estate.

P.S. they also have a cafe at the estate!

A single origin coffee sourced from multiple estates under the MSP Coffee banner. The company itself was founded in 1920 with the singular vision of producing India's best coffees. They have definitely achieved that, and then some. MSP Coffee is now an award winning coffee producer and one of the leading coffee producers in the country.