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Snooze-free Sampler Box

Snooze-free Sampler Box

December 24th, Tram #1

Go hit that snooze button or get into the morning routine? These coffees make that decision easier. Experiment to know & we'll have our roaster ready for more.
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For 2 packs of 100 gms each

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December 24th, Tram #1


Coffee smells beautiful when it reminds you of the most comfortable you've ever been. The aroma of hot chocolate and a buttery after-taste, takes you straight to December 24th. Sit back, tuck in and enjoy a hot cuppa (or two)

Buy your tickets to Tram #1 and pause for that perfectly brewed espresso.


December 24th: Chandragiri

Tram #1: SL795, Chandragiri

Flavour Note

December 24th: Nutty, Fruity, Earthy

Tram #1: Sweet, Nutty, Earthy

Roast Level

December 24th: Medium (4)

Tram #1: Medium (Dark) (5)

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