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The Curious Cat Sampler Box

The Curious Cat Sampler Box

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Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Some questions need to be asked, some coffees need to be explored.
Get the best kind of satisfaction there is, finding a new favourite coffee. Be the Curious Cat for a change.
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Why The Curious Cat Sampler Box


To answer this ever-imploding question, we have thoughtlfully curated a coffee box that takes you through the multi-dimensional flavour experiences of Tramways.

Starting from a Stanmore Natural where neither the bean nor the flavours fit into just one box to a mellow coffee you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, all three coffees have one thing in common,
that all coffees speak of what we are and stand for as a coffee roasting brand.

Part of Sangameshwar Coffee Estates and an experience of nurturing coffee beans for 7+ decades, the estates have been a pinoeer in producing some of the finest green beans from Chikamagalur.

Established by the Britishers on the foothills of the Western Ghats in the 1880s, the estate is now run by Mr. Sharan YK, a third generation coffee planter. The coffee crop from Salawara Estate is shade grown and inter-cropped with pepper, areca nut, oranges and silver oak trees which brings in the perfect balance of richness and heritage.