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Driving Nowhere

Driving Nowhere

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Flavours of the coffee

Bean Name: MSP WashedEstate: Single Origin (Yercaud)

Varietal: SL795; ProcessWashed

Altitude: 3445-4511 ft.; Roast Level: Medium - Dark

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Why Driving Nowhere

Each coffee has a story, and while all stories may not make it to the big screen we have high hopes for this one:
Three coffee lovers, on a drive across the hills of one of India’s most celebrated coffee estates. No particular destination in mind, too many coffee stories on the agenda. The result?
A single origin three estate blend that smelled like the perfect long drive snack: nutty and sweet.

A single origin coffee sourced from multiple estates under the MSP Coffee banner. The company itself was founded in 1920 with the singular vision of producing India's best coffees. They have definitely achieved that, and then some. MSP Coffee is now an award winning coffee producer and one of the leading coffee producers in the country.