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Love, Sunshine.

Love, Sunshine.

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Bean Name: PineMelon Fermentation BlendEstate: Baarbara Estate

Varietal: SL795; Process: Pineapple Fermented & Watermelon Fermented 

Altitude: 4250ft - 5000ft.; Roast Level: Filter Roast

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Why Love, Sunshine.

Why Love Sunshine

Because what else do you feel, for that second cup of coffee! Isnt the last cup for the day, brewed to stretch the sunshine hours a little longer?
Fermentation tanks uncapped and blending hats rested, we’ve done our part. All you need to do is grab a pack and see whats up with coffee in 2k24!!

One of the oldest and most well-known coffee estates in India, Baarbara Estate has played a significant role in the rich tapestry of Indian coffee.

The geographical positioning of the estate, is revered by coffee connoisseurs as the cradle of coffee cultivation in India.

The estate is currently led by fourth generation planters, who are passionate about preserving its rich history while forging ahead with new ideas and ever-evolving techniques.