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Tram #1

Tram #1

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Tramways Grind Guide
Brewing For

Flavours of the coffee

Origin: Chikmagalur & Yercaud

Varietal: SL795, Chandragiri;  Processing: Washed and Honey

Roast Level: Medium-Dark 

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Why Tram #1

Buy your tickets to Tram #1 and pause for that perfectly brewed espresso.

Being the first of its kind, Tram #1 bears the 1, the one that you need, the one that’s there, the one that evolves. It is a blend of coffees from different estates of India that Tramways Coffee shares a personal relation with in Chikmagalur and Yercaud. 

Made with 2 coffees from Salawara Estate and another one from MSP Coffee,this blend was created keeping in mind the evolving personality that Modern people share. The three coffees each add a unique character to the blend, a dark that adds the body, a medium that cuts it with sweetness and one that adds flavors.